Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Its sweet when we were there,besides her when she grow up.
It start with ma,da & pa.
And now she can say her name ANA.
ouhhh...she grown up so fast..
And I will always be there with her..
watching her cute attitude,act and ahe is all my strength.
Even I always scloded her..(too emotional)
she was a strong girl like me before!
i knew that!
i saw in her eyes...
It all back to the time when she was in my tummy.
She knew that im crying everyday thinking about her fate.
She knew that i always said that i love her more than everything.(even her own father)
Ahhh...when i look at her,automatically all the past that ive been through passing by in my mind..
Its okayh...past just past.
Its about now and later...
I love you forever...

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